Functional Feedback.

Empower your customers to self-update ticket details with a single click. Save time and resources, and enhance customer engagement without the need for additional hosting.

Easy Integration

Automatically add actionable buttons to Zendesk ticket emails and responses, allowing customers to effortlessly update ticket properties with just a click

Customizable Workflow

Configure buttons to perform a variety of ticket tasks, like adding comments or updating fields, and integrate seamlessly with Zendesk triggers for enhanced ticket routing and automated responses

No Additional Hosting

Klick-Zen simplifies the process by hosting button images and a customizable landing page, eliminating the need for extra hosting resources

Personalized Branding

Easily brand your buttons and landing page with your company's unique colors, logo, and domain, enhancing your brand identity and customer experience

Klick-Zen Features

How does Klick-Zen work?

Simply give your button a title, style it as you like, and then assign one or more actions to it, such as inserting a comment or updating a custom field.

Automated Email Responses

Klick-Zen seamlessly integrates with Zendesk's automated email response system. This allows for the inclusion of interactive buttons in automated emails, enabling customers to perform actions like updating ticket information or responding to queries directly from their inbox.

Zendesk Macros

With Klick-Zen, you can effortlessly embed actionable buttons into Zendesk macros. These buttons can execute predefined actions (such as updating ticket statuses or fields) when used in macro responses. This integration streamlines complex workflows and ensures consistent, quick responses to common customer inquiries.

Ad-hoc Ticket Replies

Klick-Zen enhances ad-hoc ticket replies by allowing support agents to insert customized, action-oriented buttons directly into their responses. These buttons can be configured for various tasks, such as gathering additional information from customers or guiding them to specific resources, thereby personalizing and speeding up the ticket resolution process.

Help Center

Integrating Klick-Zen with Zendesk's Help Center enables the addition of interactive buttons in the customer's online view of a ticket the Help Center. These buttons can direct users to relevant pages, gather feedback, or even update ticket properties, thereby enriching the self-service experience and reducing the load on support teams.


Klick-Zen Pricing

Free Trial!
Klick-Zen Monthly

per month

(per Zendesk instance)

  • Include automatically in response emails
  • Customize button look and feel
  • Add multiple actions to the same button
  • Customizable hosted landing page
  • Custom button template for consistency
  • Button cloning

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Klick-Zen Yearly Discount

per year

(per Zendesk instance)

  • Two months free!
  • No credit card required at checkout
  • Convenient electronic payment options
  • Invoice sent to your purchasing dept.
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Common Questions

Klick-Zen integrates directly with Zendesk automated emails, allowing you to add interactive buttons to ticket emails and responses. These buttons can perform various actions, like updating ticket details or redirecting to specific web pages, all within Zendesk's interface.
Absolutely! Klick-Zen offers customization options for buttons and landing pages. You can personalize them with your brand's colors, logo, and domain name to maintain a consistent and professional look.
No additional hosting is required. Klick-Zen hosts the button images and the generic landing web page, simplifying the setup and reducing the need for extra hosting resources.
Yes, Klick-Zen buttons can be configured to perform multiple actions, such as adding a private comment, updating a ticket field, or redirecting to different web pages based on the user's choice.
Customers simply click on the Klick-Zen button in their Zendesk ticket email. This click executes the actions assigned to the button, such as updating their ticket or redirecting them to a landing page.
Certainly! If you have the ability to host your own images, or would simply prefer a text link instead of the button, simply modify the provided HTML code as you desire.
Klick-Zen can perform a wide range of ticket actions, including:
  • Update status
  • Add tags
  • Insert a public or private comment
  • Assign the ticket
  • Change the priority
  • Change the ticket type
Ticket updates made by Klick-Zen can also trigger other Zendesk automations, resulting in an endless variety of combinations based on your specific workflow needs.