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Klick‑Zen allows you to add actionable buttons to your Zendesk ticket emails and responses automatically, allowing customers to update ticket properties with the click of a button. Enhance your workflow and save valuable time and resources by having customers update ticket details themselves!

Klick‑Zen provides the ability to have a customer respond to a Zendesk ticket email by simply clicking a button in their email. When clicked, the button will update the ticket as needed, and direct the customer to either a generic "thank you" landing page, or another web-based landing page of your choosing.

Klick‑Zen hosts the button images and the generic landing web page; no additional hosting is required!

Klick-Zen demo

What actions can Klick‑Zen perform?

The power of Klick‑Zen is almost limitless! Buttons can be assigned to a variety of ticket tasks, such as adding a private comment or updating a ticket field.

Chain the ticket response together with a Zendesk Trigger for even more power - route the tickets to a different department based on the response, or automatically trigger a customer reply!

  • Update the Ticket status
  • Add a tag
  • Insert a private/public comment
  • Set a custom field
  • Activate a trigger
Klick-Zen demo
Imagine the possibilities...
button example button example button example button example button example
Klick-Zen demo

How do I use Klick‑Zen?

Simply give your button a title, style it as you like, and then assign one or more actions to it, such as inserting a ticket comment or updating a custom ticket field.

Once the button is created, either paste the button-specific HTML (provided for you) into a Zendesk trigger email template, or insert the button manually into individual ticket responses with the handy Klick‑Zen ticket comment widget.

When a customer receives an email from your Zendesk help center that contains a button, they can click on that button and the actions that you assigned to the button will execute on their ticket. The customer is then redirected to either a web page that you designate, or your customized web page hosted by Klick‑Zen.

magic wand

Create a fully-functional button with just a few clicks, right inside of Zendesk


Brand your buttons and landing page with your colors, logo, and domain name

light bulb

Customer updates their own Zendesk ticket automatically; add tags, messages, and more


Use the free LITE version for tiny teams, or enjoy a FULL feature set for less than $30 a month

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Explore the documentation for more details:

Klick-Zen Documentation

Klick-Zen Plans:

Klick-Zen Lite
For Small Teams

  • Include automatically in response emails
  • Customize button look and feel
  • Add multiple actions to the same button
  • Button image hosting
  • Default landing page hosting
  • Unlimited button clicks

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Klick-Zen Full
$29.95 per month

  • All "Lite" features, PLUS…
  • Create an unlimited amount of buttons
  • Custom button template for consistency
  • Button cloning
  • Customizable hosted landing page
  • Use your custom domain
  • Access to system settings
  • Button tracking (coming soon!)
  • Full product support
  • (price is per instance, NOT per agent)

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